We, Tour Kerala is GSA for Kerala Tourism Development Corporation. We are one of the fast growing Companies in Kerala having good infrastructure for conducting and promoting all kind of tour operations. We are supported by a team of professional’s field staff. We operate in both inbound and outbound tours. Our service are available through our branches in Oman, Gujarat, Bangalore, Malaysia and are expanding to other cities. We depend on our own cars, coaches, house boat etc and so our services are dependable!!

About the Company:
The main inspiration of the company is Mr. P. A. Hilal Babu (S/O, Mr. P K Kunju Sahib, late Finance Minister of Kerala), He is the Chairman of M S M Institutes, and is the member of Kerala University Syndicate .

About the Managing Director:

Mr. V M A Hakkim is an NRI based in Muscat. He is a double Post –Graduate with a M.sc from Cochin University and M. Phil from JNU. Currently he is the Managing Director of a leading seafood exporting company in Oman. www.idealmarine.com

He is also the Director of AL-KAWAKEB MEDICAL COMPLEX, which has introduced Ayurveda Health Care in Oman through its 3 branches in Quram, Al Ghubra and Al Khoud.

About Director:
Mr.Abdul Rahim is a grandson of Mr. P K Kunju Sahib. He is a Post Graduate Engineer, worked more than 10 years in South East countries. Passionate in tour operations, he resigned his engineering employment in Malaysia and Organized Tour Kerala in God’s Own Country.

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